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DormTel FAQ’s


  • 1. What are your rates?

    Branch Solo Room Room for 2 Room for 4 Room for 6 Room for 8 Room for 10
    Recto 11,000 7,300 5,700 4,700 3,800 3,300
    Sta. Mesa 11,000 7,300 5,700 4,700 3,800 none
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  • 2. Are utilities such as water and electricity included in the rent?

    No, they are excluded. Water is fixed rate at 340 and the electricity has a sub meter. The electricity is divided into how many you are inside the room.

  • 3. Are visitors allowed inside the room?

          No, we have a lobby and dining area for visitors.

  • 4. Is there free Wi-Fi inside the rooms?

    Yes, we have free Wi-Fi inside the rooms and all common areas.

  • 5. Can I cook inside the room?

    No cooking allowed inside the room (all gas operated and induction cooker)

  • 6. What appliances can I bring inside my room?

    You can bring a rice cooker, electric kettle, iron and a microwave.

  • 7. Are bed sheets, blankets, pillows and pillow cases provided?

    No, you have to provide your own.

  • 8. Do you have basic service providers (Canteen, Laundry and water station)

          Yes, Just inquire at the front office or any Dormtel staff to assist you

  • 9. Do you provide free cleaning in our rooms?

          Yes, we clean your room twice a week as per schedule

  • 10. What are the modes of payment?

          You can pay through cash, manager’s check and can pay thru deposit to Dormtel account

  • 11. Do rooms have their own toilet and shower room?

          Yes, separate toilet and shower room with hot & cold shower

  • 12. Does the Dorm have an air conditioning unit inside the room?

          Yes, all rooms

  • 13. Can I do laundry in my room?

          Yes, but only light laundry.

  • 14. Can female and male be mixed in rooms?

          No. We have separate areas in Recto and separate floors for girls and boys, In Sta. Mesa we accept mixed dormers male & female inside the room

  • 15. How to reserve a bed or room?

          Pay at least one (1) month equivalent rental of your preferred room type

  • 16. What to settle and bring during moving in to Dormtel?

    A. Settle complete payment

    B. Bring 2 pcs. 2×2 and 1 pc. 1×1 pictures

    C. Photocopy of valid I.D`s

    D. Bring the original receipt of reservation (If applicable)

    E. Sign and fill up contract and necessary documents

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